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Tax Qualified Benefit Plans

Corporate planning is a chess game — one that requires expert strategy to ultimately win. You are likely asking yourself questions like:

  • Are my administrative costs too expensive?
  • Why can’t I make significant tax-deductible corporate contributions without allocating such a high percentage to my other employees?
  • Is focusing on short-term tax savings more beneficial? Or should I focus on growing capital in another asset class that enjoys tax deferral and tax-free retirement income?
  • Could a combination of non-tax and tax qualified benefit plans work for me?


These are just some of the many challenges you and your business face that Higginbotham Financial can help solve.

For nearly five decades, we have designed both tax qualified and non-tax qualified discriminatory benefit plans for some of the country’s most highly-regarded companies. With intellectual capital and access to the country’s leading actuaries, we can give you the tools to maximize every dollar you put toward your future.

And should you already have these plans in place, we will critically analyze them and provide recommendations to improve their performance.
There’s nothing to lose by giving us a call today; at the very least, once our review is finished, you will know for sure there are no options that could improve your current discriminatory benefit plans. Peace of mind is worth the call.

The Tax Problem

Most everyone invests in IRAs, 401(k)s, and profit-sharing plans. Or, they have some form of pension plan. Historically, emphasis was placed on how to maximize growth in tax qualified plans before retirement — not on what clients could expect during retirement.

In our experience, we’ve found that many clients aren’t fully aware of the tax problem they will face at retirement and how it will impact their expected retirement income. Our goal is to educate our clients on their options while maximizing their financial freedom during retirement.

Using our proprietary RetirementTaxAnalyzer™ cloud-based technology, we provide clients and advisors with financial insight into their IRAs and other tax qualified benefit plans.

The RetirementTaxAnalyzer™ calculates and predicts the annual growth of plan assets before reaching retirement. Then during retirement, clients can instantly access their projected, taxable yearly distributions from those plans and the corresponding, expected taxation on those distributions. Finally, they can see accurate projections of how much spendable retirement income they can expect based upon their unique rate of return and longevity assumptions.

Our consultants can give you a walk-through of our RetirementTaxAnalyzer™ software so you can see exactly how it can work for you.